Uganda Human Rights Commission

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The Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) was established under the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda. The decision to establish a permanent body to monitor the human rights situation in the country was in recognition of Uganda’s violent and turbulent history that had been characterised by arbitrary arrests, detention without trial, torture and brutal repression with impunity on the part of security organs during the pre and post-­?independence era. Article 52 (1) of the Uganda Constitution mandates the UHRC to:

  • investigate human rights violations;
  • inspect places of detention to assess the conditions of the inmates and make recommendations;
  • carry out research and education and information to enhance respect for human rights;
  • recommend to Parliament effective measures to promote human rights;
  • monitor the Government’s compliance with international treaty and convention obligations on human rights.

The UHRC has the power of a court to summon persons and record relevant to its investigations. If the UHRC finds that a human rights violation has been committed, it may order the release of a detained person, payment of compensation or any other legal remedy or redress.

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