Instituto Nacional de Derechos Humanos (INDH)

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Our partner in Chile is the country’s National Human Rights Institution, Instituto Nacional de Derechos Humanos (INDH).

The Institute’s mission is to preserve and promote the full effect of human rights in Chile.

As an institution of the republic it must observe, report and intervene in the defense of threatened or violated human rights, while equally encouraging the construction of a culture that recognizes and promotes them in all spheres of national life.

Institute of Human Rights Vision

      • Fulfills its function from its autonomy, independence and pluralism.
      • It is relevant to the contribution of promoting a human rights culture and to its full effect in the country.
      • Their reports and statements have credibility in the community and state powers in virtue of its consistency, accuracy and veracity.

National Human Rights Institute Objectives

Foundation/Installation Phase.

      • Integrate diverse perspectives related to human rights.
      • Articulate an effective national system for the monitoring and defense of human rights.
      • Expand social understanding of human rights in all their dimensions.
      • Articulate and cooperate with networks of human rights actors of civil society.