Fundación Pro Bono

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Fundación Pro Bono Dominican Republic is a nonprofit organisation with work organised under  three pillars: a national network of pro bono lawyers and volunteers; approaches to universities and civil society organisations and a permanent programme of pro bono legal assistance.

Among its purposes are to improve access to justice to the less privileged and the organisations that assist them, particularly in relation to actiona or omissions that violatesfundamental rights established in the Constitution of the Dominican Republic, national laws and international treaties.

Fundación Pro Bono is aware that the legal community, in their capacity as guarantor of the justice system, should strengthen and spread mechanisms that contribute to improving the right to access to justice. The organisation carries out this work through:

  • The protection and promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms;
  • Legal ethics and professional responsibility;
  • The promotion of an equitable and fair justice system;
  • The inclusion of lawyers in the drafting of public policies based on social needs;
  • The elimination of any barrier that limits access to the justice system;
  • The promotion of corporate social responsibility.

Fundación Pro Bono offers legal assistance in a number of areas, including: human rights violations; damages to the environment and natural resources; domestic violence; persons with disabilities; children´s rights; and arbitration and mediation.

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