Ethos Institute

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Brazil’s Ethos Institute is the strategic partner of the Business Guide to Human Rights in Brazil, facilitating local engagement with stakeholders in business, government and civil society. The mission of the Ethos Institute is to mobilise, sensitise and help companies manage their business in a socially responsible manner, making them partners in building a sustainable and just society.

The Ethos Institute seeks to spread the practice of corporate social responsibility, helping businesses to:

  • understand and progressively incorporate the concept of socially responsible corporate behaviour;
  • implement policies and practices that meet high ethical standards, contributing to the achievement of sustainable economic development in the long term;
  • assume their responsibilities in relation to all those affected by their activities ;
  • demonstrate to shareholders the relevance of socially responsible behaviour on the long-term return on their investment;
  • identify innovative and effective ways of working in partnership with communities in the construction of the common welfare;
  • thrive, contributing to social, economic and environmentally sustainability.