About DIHR

The Human Rights and Business Country Guide is a partnership initiative hosted by the Danish Institute for Human Rights in collaboration with partners around the world.

About the Danish Institute for Human Rights

The Danish Institute for Human Rights is a National Human Rights Institution accredited under the UN Paris Principles, and carries out research, education and rule of law programmes in Denmark and around the world. Since 1999, the Danish Institute has worked closely with the business and human rights communities to develop tools and standards for better business practice.

The chief objective of DIHR is to promote and develop knowledge about human rights on a national, regional and international basis, predicated on the belief that human rights are universal, interdependent and necessary for the development of just and peaceful societies.

DIHR employs more than 100 staff, has an annual budget of  €12 million and is a member of a network of 119 National Human Rights Institutions worldwide.

For more information, see humanrights.dk.


About Human Rights and Business at DIHR

Since 1999, DIHR has worked closely with  business and human rights stakeholders to develop tools and standards for better business practice.

DIHR engages with the private sector through research, capacity building, tool development and a worldwide network of civil society partners. DIHR provides policy analysis, on-site compliance assessments and country assessments to private sector actors across a range of industry sectors.

For more information, see humanrightsbusiness.org.