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Australia: World Trade Organization says restrictive packaging law is a legitimate public health measure in dispute related to trade & tobacco companies

10 May 2017 — "Australia wins landmark WTO tobacco packaging case, reports", 5 May 2017 A landmark Australian law on restrictive tobacco packaging has [reportedly] been upheld at the World Trade Organisation [WTO]... The news is a blow to the tobacco industry as such a ruling from the WTO has been widely anticipated as giving a green light for other countries to roll out similar laws... The Australian law...[bans] flashy logos and distinctive-coloured cigarette packaging...with brand names printed in small standardised fonts. Tobacco firms said their trademarks were being infringed, and Cuba, Honduras, Dominican Republic and Indonesia complained...that the rules constituted an illegal barrier to trade... Although the WTO's final ruling is not expected until July, a confidential draft [interim report] said Australia's laws were a legitimate public health measure... British American Tobacco...suggested..."As there is a high likelihood of an appeal by some or all of the parties, it's important to note that this panel report is not the final word on whether plain packaging is consistent with international law,"... [Also refers to Imperial Tobacco, Japan Tobacco International, Philip Morris International]

Dutch NGOs file OECD complaint against ING bank over climate change

9 May 2017

Audiencia temática sobre violaciones a los derechos humanos de las industrias extractivas en Nicaragua, Guatemala y República Dominicana

21 Mar 2017

República Dominicana: Comunidades campesinas protestan contra contaminación a ríos de minera

27 Jan 2017 — “Protestan en mina de oro por contaminación de ríos”, 16 de Enero de 2017 …Habitantes de varias comunidades campesinas del municipio de Cotuí, se encuentran apostados en la parte frontal de la minera Laguna Limitad en protesta por supuesta contaminación. Los manifestantes aseguran que las aguas que está vertiendo la mina de Oro y otros minerales; Enviro Gold-Laguna Limited, están contaminadas; lo que afecta la producción agrícola de la zona. Además dijeron que el Río Maguaca es la única fuente acuífera que les queda para el consumo humano, y afirman que fruto del desagüe esta mina a través de tuberías que vierten en este arroyo, el mismo lo señalan en estado de emergencia por el alto nivel de contaminación.

Low wages & corporate tax avoidance contribute to global income inequality, according to Oxfam report

23 Jan 2017

Over 1000 human rights defenders killed or harassed in 2016 – new report urges advocates to engage companies more effectively

6 Jan 2017 — "Annual Report on Human Rights Defenders at Risk in 2016", 3 Jan 2017 More than 1000 human rights defenders [HRDs] were killed, harassed, detained, or subjected to smear 2016, Front Line Defenders [FLD] reported...[in] its annual report...282 [HRDs] were murdered in 25 countries, 49 percent of whom were defending land, indigenous and environmental rights. [FLD] found that in the vast majority of cases, killings were preceded by warnings, death threats and intimidation which, when reported to police, were routinely ignored... [The report stresses that] [r]esource-rich lands in South and Central America, Africa and Asia continued to bring extractive industries into conflict with indigenous peoples in projects which are frequently funded by international financial institutions(IFIs) or Western and Chinese-based corporations. A lack of institutionalised human rights-related checks and balances within those institutions, often matched with the complicity or corrupt acquiescence of the concerned government, has led to the intimidation and worse of local people...[The report highlighted] the killing of Berta Cáceres, [stating that the] killing illustrates the limitations of protection when a government is determined to blindly pursue economic interests and ignore growing social tensions in communities affected by large scale projects [and] shows the need for those supportive of HRDs to engage governments and corporations in a more robust, sustained and effective way... In addition to killings, over half of the cases reported...concerned criminalisation...“the first choice of governments to silence defenders and to dissuade others.” [Refers to FMO, Finnfund and Mineral Commodities (MRC)]. 

República Dominicana: Ingeniero afirma beneficios económicos de minería de Gold Quest; Comité se opone por posible contaminación de agua del río San Juan

15 Dec 2016 — “Gold Quest insiste en explotar mina de oro y la comunidad de San Juan se opone”, 13 de Diciembre de 2016  …El presidente para Latinoamérica de la empresa minera Gold Quest, ingeniero Julio Espaillat, ratificó que en caso de que se conceda la explotación de la mina de oro localizada en la comunidad de Hondo Valle, la misma no podrá realizarse a cielo abierto porque los metales están a más de 45 metros de profundidad. Se ha formado el Comité Suroeste por el Agua y la Vida en abierta oposición a que el gobierno otorgue licencia para la explotación de esa mina y afirman que se contaminarían las aguas del río San Juan, a través del cual se suministra agua para el consumo humano, la ganadería y la producción agrícola…

Corporate tax avoidance disproportionately affects women's rights, says report

6 Dec 2016

Des banques françaises annoncent la fin du financement de nouvelles centrales à charbon ; engagement insuffisant selon les Amis de la Terre

3 Nov 2016 — « Climat : le Crédit agricole et la Société générale ne financeront pas de nouvelles centrales à charbon », 28 octobre 2016 Un an après la COP21, les banques françaises s’engagent aussi à financer des énergies renouvelables. Les ONG dénoncent, elles, un « double jeu »... ...Le Crédit agricole s’est engagé [...], à « ne plus financer de nouvelles centrales ou extension de centrales électriques au charbon ». [...] La Société générale lui a emboîté le pas, promettant « l’arrêt de l’ensemble de nouveaux financements de projets de centrales thermiques au charbon ou des infrastructures associées, partout dans le monde » à partir de janvier 2017. ...Ces deux annonces n’ont pas convaincu les ONG, notamment les Amis de la Terre, qui demandent un engagement plus important du secteur bancaire dans la lutte contre le réchauffement climatique et l’exploitation des énergies fossiles les plus polluantes... ...Ces ambitions vertes ne concernent que les futurs projets... [Fait aussi référence à BNP Paribas, Natixis]

Report documents violence associated with Canadian mining companies in Latin America; company comments included

25 Oct 2016 — The Justice and Corporate Accountability Project (JCAP) published a recent report documenting cases of alleged incidents of violence associated with Canadian mining companies in Latin America. JPAL also invited companies to send their comments; these are included at the end at the report.